Helena Stölting is a Berlin-based fashion designer creating unique pieces that explore the body. Fascinated by the concept of disgust as a powerful emotion, her artistic designs aim to deepen the bond between one’s body and identity. Stölting graduated from University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg and University of the Arts in Berlin.

Slowed down by the economic climate during covid-19 she decided to go viral and launch her label after the first lock down in Berlin: to produce her Slime apparel & Slime Shoes.

Each piece of Slime apparel, jewelry and pair of Slime shoes are hand made in berlin, germany: using industry waste fabrics, deconstructed second hand shoes, hair, teeth, slimy textures and muddy colors to create unique pieces that explore the field of tension between disgust and sexiness.

Helena Stölting is independently owned, slow fashion from berlin, germany.